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Terms of Use
Before utilizing the Website (hereinafter referred to as “this Website”) sponsored by Skyward, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Skyward”), we will explain the points that require your preliminary attention and understanding.
1. Collection of Personal Information
•Collection of Personal Information
This Website may collect information that can identify the individual in cases where each individual user registers for mail services, requests the delivery of publications or other information and material, applies for a job opening, makes an inquiry, and so on.
The collected information may include your full name, address, place of employment, name of attending school, name of position, E-mail address, telephone number, fax number and other contact information, and personal history record (of people applying for a job opening).

•Scope of Utilizing Collected Information
Concerning information collected from each individual user that may identify the individual, this Website will store, utilize or analyze such information within the scope of Skyward’s activities. Additionally, among the collected information, Skyward may use information that may identify the individual according to the provisions set forth in the relevant clauses of Skyward’s Privacy Policy and these Terms of Use.

•Disclosure of Collected Information and Materials to Third Parties
Information collected from each individual user that may identify the individual, unless required under law, will not be disclosed to a third party without consent from the information provider.

•Access Log
This Website records and maintains an access log which includes the user's IP address. An individual cannot be identified through the use of an IP address.
The access log recorded by this site will not be utilized except for analyzing statistics such as access trends and count, and diagnostic purposes should a problem occur to Skyward’s server. Results of the statistical analysis will be utilized for the comprehension of access trends by users and as a reference for the future operation of this Website.
2. Copyrights
Copyrights and other intellectual property rights of all contents appearing on this Website belong to Skyward and/or the providers of such contents. Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, distribution or the like of these contents exceeding the scope of private use or provisions stipulated in other laws is prohibited by law.
Skyward does not grant any license of copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights or any other rights of Skyward or a third party regarding the contents of this Website, or guarantee the subject matter of the contents on this Website. In addition, the contents of this Website may be modified or discontinued without notice.
3. Links
Skyward does not assume any responsibilities for the contents on other sites linked to this Website.
4. Disclaimer
Although Skyward is paying close attention to the accuracy and safety of information appearing on this Website, Skyward does not guarantee the completeness of such information, or assume any responsibility should any damage occur on account of each individual user utilizing this Website or the information on this Website.
5. Modification and Abolition
Skyward may modify or delete any information on this Website, or discontinue or cease the operation of this Website without notice. In addition, please note that Skyward will not be liable for any damage arising in connection with the modification and deletion of information, or the discontinuance or cessation of the operation of this Website, regardless of the reason thereof.
Copyright © Skyward, Inc. All Rights Reserved.